Is a place filled with fear now.

On  Sunday a Woman  is shot dead. Why?  No one knows.

Women and children fear for the lives, caught between rubber bullets on the streets

and police threats in their tin homes.

Mara  kana?

Men dig holes at corners of the streets,

To stop the hippos from terrorizing us.

They say

Men in red T-shirts spread suspiscion,

Cupboards are empty… no bread, no food, no school

Mari – Kana

Hhayi man go back to work

to the barracks, were we can share one toilet all 96 of us

sharing is caring.

It’s a Wild



Mara – kana.

Mama ubaba ubuya nini?

Mommy when is  Daddy coming home

Mara Kana? What year is this?

There’s no place to hide

No space to walk

No way to make a living

12, 500

Marikana ?

What are we  fighting for?


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