All OF ME : I Dedicate this song….

Love In the Future -John Legend.
Love In the Future John Legend.

To all the Lovers in this world.

06 October 2013.  Last night I slow danced with the stars, and they were shining so bright,  they reflected the state of my heart.  Without a doubt they took my breath away! But I was breathing fine. I danced  in harmony to this magical symphony by one of the most gifted lovers I have had the pleasure and opportunity to listen to. Mr John Legend. From his latest album: Love in the Future.

This piece – oh it filled me so – with love – as if his fingers on the piano were playing the chords of my heart.  Healing me chord, by chord, by chord.  It’s so beautiful.

I would like to dedicate this song to you, dear reader, as you embark  on or  continue on this mystical, magical journey towards to self love.

This love, for me, is universal  – beyond gender, ethnicity, race, class, age, and status.  It  is all the love we can express, give, show, to  love everything  and everyone, it is unconditional true love.  It’s all the love you’ve ever known, yearned for, lost.

It’s agape love. Mr Legend does a wonderful job of expressing it this track.

PS: If I ever become a part of a couple I hope this will be the track of our journey towards love together too. I am (still) a hopeful romantic. 😉

To love! Enjoy.



One thought on “All OF ME : I Dedicate this song….”

  1. Hahahhahaha! Hopeless romantic! I can only say “game recognise game”. I have declared that I’m a hopeless, old school, book inspired romantic. I used to be scared of dancing in the middle of the street. Inhibition: the romantics kryptonite. Dance it out,wherever!
    ….You think romantics get with romantics? I’ve never seen it, but I live in hope….


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