It’s Been A While….

To the woman who loved me without a career, a job, or the ability to dress myself, eat, drink and even walk. To the one who loved me just because there’s no because. To the one who doesn’t place my value on external achievements, who loves me irrespective of what I do or don’t do: to her, for her, about her. She is the first to support my dreams, the last one to remind me that this too shall pass when I fail. The one who always sees the best in me even when I see nothing but the worst. To the one who stands by me, encourages me with each step I take. The one who says, ” I choose. You don’t have a say about what I choose to do. I choose you and it’s my decision to make”. Yes, that woman, is the one I owe my life to.

I know that you are not one for “for all that” spotlight, but this is my way of being, as you know. Right now I could easily brag about so many things in my life but the only “thing” I honestly appreciate, the one thing I am most grateful for is having you. The one whose name I want to splash across the sky, to brag about from the bottom of my heart to the top of my head is you. I couldn’t be more happier, excited or pleased to be your daughter, you are such a blessing to behold, a queen amongst queens, a warrior, an overcomer, a woman who can stand her ground, and hold on to her principles at the risk of losing those she loves because she knows what it means to have integrity. To stand for truth, when it’s hard, when it seems unfair or even unneccessary.

You have never ceased to surprise me, inspire me, to make me laugh at myself, or at life, you are full of jokes, stories, visions, and playfulness; you’re innovative, always seeking knowledge and the most efficient ways of doing things, of growing and learning. You are forever young. You can admit when you are wrong and apologise – because it’s not beneath you. You are the first to celebrate and admire others, to see beauty in them and welcome it with open arms. You are an incredible homemaker, so warm and caring, you think of every detail; white crispy linen, a bit of vanilla and fresh air after a hard day, raw carrots and chocolate muffins.

Every meal is a banquet, a celebration around the dinner table, filled with the funniest stories you tell without even saying a word. You wake up and dress up because each new day is a special occasion, just for you!

You go all out for people in your life but you don’t stop there, you go all out for strangers too – people who can never repay you, return the favour, or sing about you at podiums. You do it when no one is looking. You are generous with your time, your heart and material possessions – abundance is your middle name. In celebrations you are resplendent, in the face of turbulent storms – cool, calm and collected; unfazed, you are iridescent by default.

You make living look so easy and effortless, you are over everything in your brilliance. That’s how deep you are. Being with you is like being close to God. Which means I am in on your secret :)!

Grace, Grace.

Thank you for being here, for choosing me. I love you forever


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