A New Year in South Africa

Where should we begin? We can’t seem to catch a break. Honestly. I thought being sober might compel us to rethink our next steps, but it seems we’re going full speed ahead. We’re moving so fast that we are leaving the very people we are meant so save behind.

I won’t be pessimistic about the future because that’s something I choose to leave behind. Pessimism, that is.

I will look for opportunities to grow, to collaborate to work together and  help as many people as I can, god willing, inshallah.

I even got my mother so say that, inshallah.

Without being too preachy I think the EFF (and other interested political parties) will do better to deploy its cadres to hospitals. To assist the doctors and nurses with moving patients, public education about vaccines, cleaning and maintaining order and general hygiene at hospitals and public spaces;  they already have the #PPE uniforms for that.

Next they should go to communities and assist out of school children gain access to some form of education to help the navigate the 4th industrial revolution. We don’t need buildings for that.

They can arrange those in tandem with community kitchens to cook for children who depended on the school system for food who are now starving at home.

The list is long but these are just the basics. Until then, none of these so called political parties deserve my vote or taxes. Just because it’s legal, doesn’t make it right.

History is evidence.


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