Redacted: A Royal (Mess) Dispatch

//https: <secure communication>/html;scrpt/

[ Current Affairs #broyalcontroversy (racism @ Meghan/Harry)]

[ Cultural Affairs Coming to America Part two: HBO]

[The Lion King Part two – Wilderness – Crown: Netflix]

[historical affairs : Mansa Musa – Malian Empire; Shaka Zulu- Nguni – Egyptian Heritage]

[sci-ref: Sheik Anta Diop – Nubia To Egypt]

[Literature and Philosophy – The Heroes Journey: narratology and comparative mythology, the hero’s journey, or the monomyth, template; hero goes on an adventure, is victorious in a decisive crisis, and comes home changed or transformed.]

[Political/ Economy: Poverty; Inverse : [culture] language _ single story narrative sustained: stereotypes affirmed and contradicted; .01.1.0.


<_Initiate***Liquidating Assets***//Black Wednesday//>

_( Colourism – light vs dark = itls 55 castes (Disintegrate)`_

[Swift: Divergent]

[Character; Samuel El Jones ( the King and emperor. idi amin| mobutu seseko| syndrome)]

{Arrange Marriage}

( to Satisfy Intellect and the Loins~ taste, elegance, grace and culture = a desirable woman)


[Akuna Matataa: African students in Queens adventure—> hotpotatoe#feesmustfall@asinamali]

^> secure<snow>^

“It is also tradition that times must and do change, my friend.” – ICE

[Cue*Fade to Black*]



Zulu! Inkosi ikhotheme.



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