2022: A Year To ‘Gain-Function’

If human scientists in a scientific lab can make natural organisms “gain” functions they never possessed before to make them more powerful or potentially more dangerous. Then so can we.

We humans (natural organisms) also have this natural ability to gain functions in all sorts of ways in order to do things we never thought ourselves capable of doing. Ergo, Covid-19.

Just like the scientists who conduct this type of research, we can also gain functions in positive progressive ways or in ways that are potentially destructive.

Granted, most of us did not know that this kind of research existed before the SARS-CoV-2 outbreak.  

We found out due to “conspiracy” theories surrounding the suppression of information alleging that the Covid-19 pandemic may have been caused by a leak from a virology lab in Wuhan, China. 

The lab is said to have been conducting “Gain-of-Function” research related to making the SARS-CoV more transmissible between humans or becoming more lethal. It’s a man-made virus.

While the true origin of the SARS-CoV-2  is still a contentious topic, more and more evidence is pointing to a Wuhan Lab Leak.

Imagine if health officials and governments around the world had been more transparent about the origins of the virus.

If it’s true source had been established sooner and made explicit to the public; would we have had the same contagion of conspiracy theories?

Would we have had the same rates of vaccine hesitancy and intolerance which surrounds us now?

What was the purpose of concealing this information? Who benefits from this ‘mistake’?

The truth is we don’t know for sure if we would have behaved any different in the past two years had the truth about the origins of the virus been confirmed. It could have been worse.

We can only speculate 20:20.  What we do know for certain though is this, the virus is changing us and the world we live in. We have had a software update.

We have lost a lot in this pandemic.

But we also need to quickly adapt.

We have to find new ways to survive. To not only live, but thrive better than before.

I’ve seen people on my social media timelines encouraging each other to start planting their own food gardens, save indigenous seeds, eat healthier balanced meals, exercise more,  buy from local businesses, rest more, reconnect with nature and spend more quality time with loved ones to reorganise and realign with our shared values.

There’s no denying that this pandemic has given us a new point of view into our private and public lives.

We are now more aware of the links between our environment and our (mental) health. Our economies and climate change. Politics, media propaganda and war.

If we were once in denial about these links, now we know.

Yet still, we are not helpless victims of faceless powers.

We also have the same ability to “gain-functions” that will liberate us individually for the collective benefit of humankind. Have faith.

What new functions are you downloading this year?

I am making an audio version of my memoir, Soweto To Beirut (2021). 

Listen to a snippet here

Btw, Happy New Year! Can’t believe it’s almost valentines’ day 🙂 !


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